Sports Therapy in Romsey

"Being a professional dancer it is very important I look after my body, regular sports massage plays a key part in my high impact dance training schedule. Keeping on top of any little niggles is crucial to constant training so no serious injuries occur. Andy is brilliant and I would recommend him to any sports person or non sports person any day."

4 x UK Professional Latin Dance Champion

"Just seen the website and it reminded me of all the help you gave me in staying in 1 piece while I was lifting. Your straightforward approach and ability to manipulate my often very sore muscle structure was something that I believe made my 2 World Titles possible. You helped me realise that prevention was far better than cure and kept me in shape while I trained for competitions. I will always be grateful as I know I would not have achieved my goals on comp day without your help and often direct opinion on when to rest!! Thanks again."

Neil Arnold 82.5kg Masters World Powerlifting Champion 2009/10
British and European Record holder (Squat & Bench Press)